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Expedition Cruising Travel Insurance

An illness, accident or other type of unexpected situation can occur before or during your trip, causing your vacation to be cut short or canceled. Unfortunately, tour operators and airlines impose penalties for canceling a trip within certain time frames, up to and including the loss of the entire price of your vacation. However, with CSA Travel Protection on your side, you'll have the comfort of knowing that your hard-earned vacation investment is protected. CSA safeguards you before, during and after your vacation with insurance coverage, 24-hour emergency support and concierge services.


Benefits and services are described here in general terms. For a complete look at policy benefits and exclusions, please contact your Vacations To Go travel counselor for a sample certificate. Please note that insurance coverage must be purchased prior to or within 24 hours of the initial trip deposit.

This plan is administered by CSA Travel Protection and Insurance Services and underwritten by the Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Company, Columbus , Ohio ; NAIC # 10952 (all states except as otherwise noted) under Policy/Certificate Form series TAHC5000, TAHC6000 and TAHC7000. In CA, CT, HI, NE, NH, PA, TN and TX Policy/Certificate Form series TAHC5100 and TAHC5200. In IL, IN, KS, LA, OR, OH, VT, WA and WY Policy . To obtain CSA's license number in your state, please click here.

Plan Rates:

For travel insurance rates, please call your Vacations To Go travel counselor.

Coverages & Services:

The table below provides a side-by-side comparison of per person and per policy CSA coverage and benefit limits.

Coverage (Underwritten by Stonebridge Casualty Insurance Company)

Benefit Limits Per Person

Benefit Limits Per Policy*

Trip Cancellation

100% of Trip Cost

100% of Trip Cost

Trip Interruption

100% of Trip Cost

100% of Trip Cost

Travel Delay**



Baggage and Personal Effects



Baggage Delay



Accident and Sickness Medical Expense



Emergency Assistance
(Emergency Medical Transportation)



* Insurance coverage is provided to all travelers listed on the policy.

** Coverage for travel delay requires a delay of at least 12 hours before coverage will go into effect.

Cancel For Any Reason Benefit
Cancel for any reason will be included on all policy purchases, provided the client qualifies for the benefit. In order to qualify for the Cancel for Any Reason benefit, the following stipulations must be met:

  1. You must purchase your policy prior to or within 24 hours of initial deposit.
  2. The booking for this trip must be the first and only booking for the travel period and destination.
  3. Insured is not medically disabled at the time of purchase.
  4. The trip cost is less than $10,000 per person.
  5. Insured must cancel the trip more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure date.
  6. Coverage is purchased for 100% of all prepaid costs.

If you cancel within 48 hours of departure, standard trip cancellation coverage applies, such as:

  • Covered sickness or injury
  • The death of you, a family member or traveling companion
  • Common carrier delays resulting from inclement weather, mechanical breakdown or unannounced strikes
  • Jury duty
  • Your primary residence or accommodations at your destination are made uninhabitable by fire, flood, volcano, earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster
  • Mandatory hurricane evacuations
  • Being called into emergency military duty for a natural disaster
  • Documented theft of passports or visas
  • Being directly involved in a traffic accident while en route to your scheduled place of departure

Pre Existing Medical Condition
Please note, this policy specifically excludes losses caused by or resulting from pre-existing conditions.

PRE-EXISTING CONDITION means an illness, disease, or other condition during the 60-day period immediately prior to your effective date for which you or your Traveling Companion or Family Member is scheduled or booked to travel with you:

  1. received, or received a recommendation for, a diagnostic test, examination, or medical treatment; or
  2. took or received a prescription for drugs or medicine.

Item 2 of this definition does not apply to a condition which is treated or controlled solely through the taking of prescription drugs or medicine and remains treated or controlled with any adjustment or change in the required prescription throughout the 60-day period before coverage is effective under this Policy.

Exclusions That Apply To All Coverages


The following exclusion applies to the Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage:

  1. We will not pay for loss caused by or resulting from Sickness of any kind.

The following exclusion applies to the Emergency Assistance, Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, and Travel Delay coverages:
  1. We will not pay for loss or expense caused by or incurred resulting from a Pre-Existing Condition, as defined in the plan, including death that results therefrom. This Exclusion does not apply to benefits under Covered Expenses items 1 and 2 (emergency medical evacuation) or item 6 (repatriation of remains) of the Emergency Assistance Benefits Coverage.

The following exclusion applies to all coverages:

  1. We will not pay for any loss under the plan, caused by, or resulting from:
    1. your, your Traveling Companion's, or Family Member's suicide, attempted suicide, or intentionally self-inflicted injury, booked to travel with you, while sane or insane (while sane in CO & MO);
    2. mental, nervous, or psychological disorders;
    3. being under the influence of drugs or intoxicants, unless prescribed by a Physician;
    4. normal pregnancy or resulting childbirth or elective abortion;
    5. participation as a professional in athletics;
    6. participation in organized amateur and interscholastic athletic or sports competition or events;
    7. riding or driving in any motor competition;
    8. declared or undeclared war, or any act of war;
    9. civil disorder (does not apply to Travel Delay);
    10. service in the armed forces of any country (does not apply to 3e or 3j of Other Covered Events);
    11. nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination;
    12. operating or learning to operate any aircraft, as pilot or crew;
    13. mountain climbing, bungee cord jumping, skydiving, hang gliding, or travel on any air-supported device, other than on a regularly scheduled airline or air charter company;
    14. any unlawful acts, committed by you or a Traveling Companion (whether insured or not);
    15. any amount paid or payable under any Worker's Compensation, Disability Benefit or similar law;
    16. a loss or damage caused by detention, confiscation or destruction by customs;
    17. Elective Treatment and Procedures;
    18. medical treatment during or arising from a Covered Trip undertaken for the purpose or intent of securing medical treatment;
    19. Financial Insolvency of the person, organization or firm from whom you directly purchased or paid for your Covered Trip, Financial Insolvency which occurred, or for which a petition for bankruptcy was filed by a travel supplier;
    20. business, contractual or educational obligations of you, a Family Member or a Traveling Companion (does not apply to 3g, 3i, or 3k of Other Covered Events);
    21. failure of any tour operator, Common Carrier, or other travel supplier, person or agency to provide the bargained-for travel arrangements;
    22. a loss that results from an illness, disease, or other condition, event or circumstance which occurs at a time when the plan is not in effect for you.

Please note that additional exclusions may apply to specific coverages. All exclusions will be indicated in your certificate or policy.

24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services
(Provided by CSA 's Designated Provider)

Services that qualify for 24-hour emergency assistance are listed below. All it takes is a free phone call from anywhere in the world for immediate aid 24/7:

  • Medical referral
  • Traveling companion assistance
  • Emergency cash transfer
  • Legal referral
  • Locating lost or stolen items
  • Replacement of medication and eyeglasses
  • Embassy and consular services
  • Worldwide medical information
  • Interpretation/translation
  • Emergency message relay
  • Pet return
  • Vehicle return

Concierge Services
(Provided by CSA 's Designated Provider)

Concierge services provide assistance in arranging sporting, amusement park and entertainment ticketing, as well as fine dining reservations, golf tee times and special events.


10-Day Free Look
CSA stands behind its products and services. That's why it offers a 10-day free look at their travel protection plans. You'll have the ability to cancel your coverage and receive a full refund if you aren't completely satisfied – as long as you haven't left for your trip or already filed a claim.

Policy Confirmation

You will receive a Certificate of Insurance (or Policy for residents of certain states) that describes the benefits, limitations and exclusions in detail. If you do not receive your documents before you leave on your trip, please call your Vacations To Go travel counselor.

Please note that this is not a complete description of all benefits, limitations and exclusions. For full terms and conditions of coverage, contact your Vacations To Go travel counselor. Prices, terms and conditions listed in this summary are subject to change without notice and need to be reconfirmed with your Vacations To Go travel counselor at the time of booking.

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